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Our Cows

HF51290 S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET.jpg
Doc 8784
Doc 8784

S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET, EX-95

She has created much hype because of her ability to make numerous high genomic offspring that have extreme type and compete at the top of the show ring just as Doc has done. Our group purchased 7 daughters of Doc when we acquired her and they have offspring being born that are extremely high, including one female over 3100 GTPI and nearly a dozen over 3000.   DOC will have over a dozen sons headed to AI in the next year.   

More about Doc 8784...

HF51323 Oakfield Solom Footloose-ET.jpg

Oakfield Solom Footloose, EX-96 MS-98

Footloose is creating her own legacy just as her 2x Supreme Champion grandam, Frosty EX-97 did before her. Footloose captured the Grand and Supreme titles at WDE in '22 and was named HI World Champion. She is bred back for 2023 and looks amazing. 

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Maple Red Side View RAWF 22.jpg

Blondin Unstopabull Maple-Red, EX-94

We were lucky to acquire this great cow, who was Reserve Grand at Madison, Grand at the Royal and runner up (to Footloose) in world champion competition. Her untimely death last year shocked us all but we have offspring by Altitude and Awesome, as well as a sister by Altitude. We think MAPLE-RED could be the most impactful Red and White Holstein since Apple and have big things in store for what we have from her!

More about Maple-Red...

HF40754 Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET.jpg

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, EX-97

Unfortunately, Blexy was lost last year but her legacy lives on. She has had multiple national show winning daughters and she keeps making the great ones. We have our last remaining Blexy daughters on the ground right now by Lambda and Doc and feel they have a bright future.   

More about Blexy...

hf25909 dubeau dundee hezbollah.jpg

Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah, EX-92

Hez is old enough to have a driver's license now and looks better than ever.  She is living at Trans Ova in MD and loves her hillside accommodations. She has an IVF session every 2 weeks and, while she doesn’t make many, we have a few eggs in the tank, pregnancies coming along and an incredible group of calves by Lambda and Sidekick from her.  She breeds strength power and style…all traits desperately needed in our breed.  She continues to add to her legacy as one of the greatest of all time.

More about Hez...

HF53646 Peace&Plenty Doc Jubie16-ET.jpg

Peace&Plenty Doc Jubie16-ET, EX-92

Jubie is our star of the future.   A Doc from the great Jubie family developed at Peace and Plenty Farms in MD and is one of a large group of high scoring sisters that trace back to great breeding.  She has Doc, Atwood, Stormatic, Dundee Outside and Astro Jet in her pedigree. Jubie is due in the spring of '23 and will show as a 4 YO.  She is over 3 points of type and we have sons and daughters being born from her with great anticipation.  We think the Jubie family could be the next big thing in the Holstein type world!

More about Jubie16...

#2019041821 Pierstein Windbrook Alacazam.jpg

Pierstein Windbrook Alacazam, EX-94

Alacazam currently lives at Klinedell Farms in MD and is making embryos and pregnancies; we continue to believe this Windbrook can impact the breed.  She has 2 Chief daughters due as milking yearlings and calves coming by Dropbox, Sidekick, Footprint and more.  Her babies are pretty as you would expect from this cow bred from Royalty.

More about Alacazam...

JF29040 Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET.jpg

Arethusa Veronicas Comet, EX-95

One of our favorite daughters of the famous Veronica EX-97, we lost Comet last year at 17.  We have daughters by Chocolatier, Kid Rock and Gentry and are excited for future generations from this iconic cow.

More about Comet...


Vogue Loyola Macy-Red-PP, EX-94

She was our pick at Duckett sale because of her unique attributes.  Ex 94 on both sides of the border and we expect she might get to see the committee.  She is a sister to the popular bull, Mirand-P.  Her pedigree is outstanding and the fact that she is Red and homozygous polled gives her great market value. Call for your eggs today and get the best of Polled, Red and Type.  

More about Macy-Red-PP...


Stadview Gentry Velocity, EX-91 MAX

Backed by scores of 92, 92, 91, 90, and 90 then Avonlea D Jude Karmel Ex 94 and Avonlea Valiant Kitty Ex 3E, nominated All Canadian 4x in milking form. We have always admired this great family developed by the exceptional breeders at Avonlea Jerseys and think Velocity is a great representation of those genetics. She already has a great track record in the ring AND she's entered in the Jug! The future is bright for this young star. Owned with Bos Dairy, LLC

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