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Our Cows

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, EX-97

After two of Blexy's daughters won big at a national show in the summer of 2020 (Sid Blexy, Intermediate Champion and Crush Budweiser, Res Jr Champion) the Blexy partners decided to make lots of babies from this legend and she was put on a continuous IVF schedule.   Contact us today about eggs from Blexy

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hf45141 unique dempsey cheers.jpg

Unique Dempsey Cheers, EX-95

Cheers is bred back and will be ready for the 2021 shows! We won't be doing more IVF on her at this point until she is fresh again.  We do have daughters from her!

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Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah, EX-92

Hez still has eggs in the tank and continues to make them.  We will always be making daughters from one of the businesses best brood cows!

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