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Watch her sell! 

S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET, EX-94

King Doc x Jedi x Massey x MOM Halo

Doc 8784 and a package of her pregnancies sold for a historic $1,925,000 at the Summer Selections II 2022 

Owned with Ducket Holsteins, Kings-Ransom, and AOT Holsteins

Her Daughters

Embryos Available! 

HFB14461 Duckett Parfect Harper-ET.jpg
HFB14460 Duckett Conway Hannah-ET.jpg
HFB14456 Duckett Tstruck Hannah-ET.jpg
HFB14455 Duckett Parfect Heidi-ET.jpg

Duckett Parfect Harper-ET

Duckett Conway Hannah-ET

Duckett Thunderstruck Hannah-ET

Duckett Parfect Hedi-ET

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