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Chris and Jen Hill and Tim and Sharyn Abbott have been the faces behind several successful sales recently. Together they are now offering combined services, deemed, MD-Hillbrook/Borderview Dairy Sales Alliance. Their combined years of experience and passion for the industry is second to none. Their attention to detail, connections within the industry, and appreciation for registered cattle and the folks behind them is what drives their passion. Together they are a logical fit to serve the sale needs, big or small, of the dairy cattle business. While this new venture brings together two forces for your consideration, both will continue to operate individually. “In simplicity, nothing has changed with our existing business models, its business as usual. We are simply offering another tool to serve you.” Says Chris Hill.

Upcoming Sales


June 8, 2024

Built to Last at Brigeen

Turner, ME

*First Impressions at the Interstate... Average $5,354
*Woodmansee Top 100... Average $3,344 on 125 head
*Duckett Summer Celebration... Average $17,204 on 100 lots, gross sales 1.7 million
*Duckett Summer Celebration II... Average $29,783 on 121 with gross sales of 3.6 million
Legends of Misty Meadow... 100 Jersey lots average of $4,000
Music City Celebration 6... Average $12,830 with over $1million grossed.
2023 National Holstein Sale... $10,627 avg with $1,009,650 grossed
Music City Celebration 7... $1,086,950 gross with an  avg of $11,442.00

Previous Sales

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