Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah  EX-92 EEEEE

All-Canadian & All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old 2009 • Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old 2011

4-03   2x   365   42,046M  4.4%  1,859F  3.3%  1,379P

We have had the privilege of owning many outstanding cows, but one that continually tops that list is Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah, affectionately referred to as Hez.  Max scored EX-92 EEEE as a 4 YO, she nearly succumbed to an injury shortly after earning HM Senior Champion honors in Madison in 2011. Though her show and milking career were over, it quickly became apparent that she had an outstanding ability to pass along her genes to her next generation.  She has since become one of the breed’s most iconic brood cows with over 200 progeny registered around the world from Australia to Canada.  As we recognize her 11th birthday, we compiled some statistics that are truly outstanding – we knew she was good, but we didn’t know how good she really was.

*73 daughters scored - 29% are EX and 89% are VG or EX

*Goldwyn has been one of her most successful crosses to date with two daughters scored at Ex 94, one at Ex 92 and two at Ex 91.

*Atwood has also been a successful cross – three daughters are MAX scored at 92, three at 90 and four are VG-88 2YOs with bright futures.

*Heztry*RC, her son by Destry*RC , has several All-American nominated daughters as well as Championship winnings.

*Her Destry*RC daughter was the Grand Champion of the Mexican National Show in 2016 and she had two granddaughters that stood in the top 5 of their classes at WDE in 2017.

Hez is truly an amazing cow – we often wonder what her future would have held if she had been able to continue showing, but watching her become a brood cow extraordinaire has been a thrilling experience. We can’t see what continues to evolve from her offspring. Thank you to all that have helped to bring her where she is today! She is the dam of 44 VG and 19 EX daughters. She still has embryos from many sires available – contact us for inquiries!

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