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Oakfield Solom Footloose, EX-96

Solomon x Braxton EX-94 x WDE Grand Champion Roy Frosty EX-97

SUPREME CHAMPION World Dairy Expo 2022

HI World Champion 2022

Grand & Senior Champion, 1st 5YO International Holstein Show 2022

Reserve Grand Champion & 1st 4YO International Holstein Show 2021

All-American Junior 3YO 2020 & Unanimous All-American 4YO 2021

Sold for $355,000 at the 2021 Duckett Summer Sale

The exciting part of Footloose's legacy may be her daughters. They are the buzz of the business right now with several daughters commanding prices of over $40,000 this spring.  Plan to see some of them out and about in 2023.  We are thrilled to have kept a September Lambda and a beautiful Tatoo (pictured below) born March '22 from her to help us breed the next generation of greatness.

Owned by Showbox Sires and Vierra Dairy

HFB14893 Oakfield Tatoo Fancylike-ET.jpg

Oakfield Tatoo Fancylike-ET

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