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We closed the doors of our facility for now after our last Borderview sale but have since partnered with Matt and Sarah Hawbaker of Interstate Heifer Care in MD to maintain our heifer program.  All our embryos are implanted at Star Rock Holsteins in PA with Ed and Jenna and the team at Star Rock do a great job getting us recipient pregnancies and healthy, well started calves.  At weaning, the calves go to Interstate Heifer Care to be raised in one of the top heifer management programs in the country.  Matt and his team are doing a great job raising and developing our heifers and we have had dozens of heifers from this program compete at shows all over the country.  In 2021, Borderview had the most nominations for ALL AMERICAN of any herd (tied).  All animals we bred and sold.  Watch for Borderview consigments in upcoming sales!
Daughters of these Greats
hf25909 dubeau dundee hezbollah.jpg
Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah, EX-92

All-American & All-Canadian Sr 2YO 2009

HF40754 Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET.jpg
Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, EX-97

Supreme Champion WDE 2017

Goldwyn Lucia.jpg
Idee Goldwyn Lucia, EX-92

Dam of Lynzi, Holstein Canada Cow of the Year '20

HFB11819 Hez Hezbollahs Honour-ET.jpg
Hez Hezbollahs Honour-ET, EX-94

Intermediate Champion VT Holstein Show '17

hf43797 hez bo atwood ruth-et.jpg
Hez Bo Atwood Ruth-ET, EX-93

Res All-New England Jr 3YO 2018

HFB12372 T-Triple-T-Ent Prty Girl-ET.jpg
T-Triple-T-Ent Party Girl-ET, EX-91

Doorman dtr of Durham Poppi EX-95

HF46431 Ms Sid Blexy-ET.jpg
Ms Sid Blexy-ET, EX-92

Int Champion WI Summer Holstein Show '20

lucky rose.jpg
Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red, EX-94

Res All-American RW Aged Cow 2018

JF29040 Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET.jpg
Arethusa Veronicas Comet, EX-95

Supreme Champion RWF 2010

#2019041821 Pierstein Windbrook Alacazam.jpg
Pierstein Windbrook Alacazam, EX-92

1st 4YO QC Spring Show 2019

Porpo Goldwyn Barby, EX-94

Res Grand Champ Mid-East Spring Nat'l Show '15

Walk-Era Dundee Annelise, EX-95

Grand Champion Int'l Jr Holstein Show '17

HF48922 Rose Vega Emilio Joan.jpg
Rose Vega Emilio Joan, EX-92

Daughters by Lamda

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