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Buroco Juror Edith  EX-94 EEEEE 4E

Grand Champion, Northeast Fall National Jr Show 2008 • Nominated Jr All-American 4-Year-Old 2006

Lifetime  273,245M — 12,180F  — 8,494P

December 14, 2001 — April 3, 2018

Throughout our careers in this business, we are fortunate to have been involved with many great cows.  We are proud to say Brasilia, Ashlyn, Talent Barbara, Dundee Hez, Gold Barbara, Anneliese and Blexy have all influenced us personally and professionally. But none have had the impact that one black cow known around the world as EDITH did. 

Edith was born in the Beauce region in the north part of Quebec in December of 2001. We first saw her at the Quebec Spring Show when she was about 5 months old while we were looking for Chelsea’s first show heifer. This beautiful black calf with straight lines and a backwards 7 marked on her forehead placed in the top 10 of the show that day and was our choice to come to Vermont. With the help of our great friend, Jocelyn Cote, we purchased Edith and she became Chelsea’s calf. The moment Edith got home she and Chelsea bonded. Edith could be extremely stubborn, but with Chelsea she would always perform!  That year they won many shows, highlighted by Randy Frazier picking Edith to win the winter calf class at ESE with 7 year old Chelsea at the halter. They got that win over many of the top showmen in the country and that was the beginning of many more years of teamwork! They went on to show together for years as Edith took us all over the country. Springfield, Harrisburg, Louisville and Madison were all stops on the tour!  

Edith and Chelsea continued to show and mature and as a yearling, Edith was a top 10 heifer at WDE. However, that was the only time Chelsea didn’t show her because Chelsea was too young to enter the show ring.  So that year our good friend Fitzy showed the heifer that the little girl always showed and said that she was nothing short of miserable! Chelsea, Edith, and many of her progeny won championships locally and nationally and Edith and her family earned Chelsea nearly a dozen Junior All-American nominations. The big black cow and the little girl at her halter were known around the world because of their incredible teamwork and connection.  

Edith went on to produce a lifetime production record of over 270,000 lbs and excelled on our flush program. She spent the last few years as a retired lady, owning the pastures around our home in Sheldon. Sadly in the winter of 2017, Edith’s 17 year old body began to give out from carrying around her 2000 pound frame and on a cold spring day we made the agonizing decision to put her down. She now graces the pasture at our house where she loved to graze and lay on summer days. As we made the decision to put her down, we had to reflect at what this black cow had given our family. Even though Edith was Chelsea’s and Caitlyn wasn’t lucky enough to have a cow like her, Edith brought something to all of us.  She taught us how to compete and work hard, how to win and how to lose.  She brought our family on many great trips and grew up with our girls.  She was Chelsea’s best friend when she was a teenager and felt like she couldn’t talk to anyone and a friend that was always here to greet her when she returned home from college or other far away places. Edith blessed us with many daughters and embryos and she helped pay Chelsea’s way through Virginia Tech and sparked her passion to study IVF and reproduction for her Masters at the University of Tennessee.   

So, we say thanks to a great friend and part of our family. 

IVF eggs available as well as numerous daughters and pregnancies by a variety of sires! 

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